Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Assignment # 13

ALEX- Alabama Learning Exchange

ALEX is a project of the Alabama Department of Education that is designed to share educational materials through a one-stop website. Resources that are available include Lesson Plans, Web Links, and interactive activities. ALEX is still a work in progress, but it will expand based on input from viewers.

I created an account easily (and free!). When you sign up, you can enter your school district and the school at which you teach. Since I do not teach yet, I just put a school I'm familiar with in Mobile County. This information can be changed on your profile. On the homepage, they have 8 categories:
1. Courses of Study
2. Weblinks
3.Lesson Plans
4. Search
5. Personal Workspace
6. Professional Learning
7. Podcast Treasury
8. ALEXville
By clicking on one of these categories, you can pull up standards, lesson plans and web resources for any subject and any grade level. They are all linked to the Alabama Content Standards. Personal Workspace allows you to create a lesson plan, podcast entry or a teacher webpage. You have to create an account in order to use this feature. Professional learning gives you links to explore Grant opportunities and Professional Development.

This website is very informative and I think it would be extremely useful for teachers. The fact that everything is linked to the Alabama Courses of Study is great. I created an account and plan on using this site a lot. I think anyone who visits ALEX will find some way to benefit from it.

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