Monday, November 29, 2010

Comments 4 Kids Summary (C4K #9-11)

The people that should be remembered this Remembrance Day are all the people that were risking their lives even if they didn’t die they should still be thought of. Everybody thinks that they can only be remembered if they died I think that all should be remembered because they still fighting or if their done then they must have defended something important that if they didn’t I might not be able to go on the computer or even sit on a chair. The people that still are fighting I think should still be remembered just because they didn’t die doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thought of. It’s like being on a hockey team and it the last game and you don’t score any goals but you help with blocking the other guys so your team could score, and at the end nobody even thinks about what you did. What I think we should be remembering is what the soldiers did for us not they died and we remember they died. What I will remember is that all the people gave us what we have today without them we probably wouldn’t clothes or even television and cartoons that’s what makes me think of what they have done.
Austin is a 7th grader in Mrs. Byrne's class. He wrote his thoughts about Remembrance Day. I commented on his post saying I enjoyed reading his post and was proud of him for believing that EVERYONE should be remembered for what they do. 

Our class has been recently learning about planets.
We had  loads of fun making sentences and pictures on Kerpoof! .
It also helped us remember the order of the planets.
If you look at my crazy picture you can see the sentence
that helped me remember the order of the planets.
This is just one of our fun projects.

Jim is a 3rd grade student. His class created mnemonics to remember the order of the planets. They also created pictures for their mnemonics using kerpoof! which is a very cool website that let's you illustrate different things. You should check it out!

As most of you know I am allergic to corn itself and any corn products like corn protein, corn syrup & corn starch. ( I break into hives and my eyes swell up ) Every time I go to the grocery store I have to check the labels on every food I take and 1 in 20 foods have no corn anything in them. The more organic the better which is VERY hard to find. As I went to kindergarten helper, we passed the 1st grade hallway and I saw a poster with a 1st grader’s name on it. He was severally allergic to nuts, milk, eggs, corn and more. His allergies are airborne which means his allergies can occur in the air. Yikes! That really made me think. There are so many substitutes for sugar that scientists beleive cause cancer later on in life. I am not the only one with food allergies and I would like the world to be a healthier place. Sugar is 100 times better than substitutes. I want to write a letter to the first lady about decreasing the sugar substitutes around the world but I can’t do it alone. Any ideas? Please answer back in the comments or post. Thank you very much!
Yasmine is a student in Mr. St. Pierre's class who posts all the time. I commented on this post telling her it must be tough to live with such a restricting allergy, and encouraged her to write her letter to the First Lady to stand up for something she believed in. 

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