Wednesday, November 10, 2010

C4K summary post (october)

The squishy concrete is falling out of the long massive pipe.(Dictated to the teacher) By Maurice
Maurice is a first grade student at Port England school in Auckland, N.Z. He created a picture showing a concrete truck pouring concrete along with a description of his picture (above). I  commented on his post by saying that I liked the way he described the concrete and the pipe and that I liked his picture.
October 12, 2010     
It was a cold day on May 10,1775 when me and my friends called the Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen, headed to a British garrison at the fort. We decided to attack because we didn’t want to loose the element of surprise. We all headed toward their fort. Then we attacked but we didn’t kill anyone. Since it was such a surprise the captain surrendered his sword, so we took over Fort Ticonderoga!
I was assigned to comment on Ashley's post on Mr. C's Class Blog: "Media in History"These students post journal entries about things they might write about if they lived in this specific time period. I commented on Ashley's post saying how I thought this was a perfect example of integrating technology into the classroom to help students engage in their lessons. I asked her if using a blog to do her assignments has helped her learn history and better or kept her engaged in the material and she wrote me back saying that it did help her focus on it a lot better and made it more interesting for her. 

 Blueberry Muffins (C4K #6)

I came down stairs one morning and smelled a berry type smell. I closed my eyes.  I got taller form the shoulders and up, and a smile appeared on my face. I breathed in and out opened my eyes and raced down stairs.  On the kitchen table there was a bowl of blueberry muffins sitting there waiting for me and I ate them all up.
 I was assigned to comment on BrennaS.'s blog post on Mr. Goerend and Mrs. Quam's 6th grade classes in Iowa. I commented on Brenna's post saying that I liked the way she described everything, and told her I would love to hear more!

I think this years halloween is going to be super fun. I am going to go over to a friends house for a bonfire after trick or treating. I am going to dress up as the Geico Caveman for halloween on Saturday. I think this years halloween is going to be even better than last year because I actually have a costume ad didnt wait until the day before halloween. Halloween is going to be great and I cant wait.
Dawson is a 6th grade student. He wrote about his plans for Halloween. I commented on his post saying how I enjoyed seeing how his teacher was incorporating technology in the classroom because that's what we're learning about in EDM 310, and that I loved his idea for his costume.

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